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International Women's Day

8 March 2011

The 100th Anniversary

On International Women's Day, the AIRE Centre is proud to highlight the work we have done on behalf of women who have left situations of abuse and violence and been empowered to seek a better life for themselves and their children. Coming from physically and emotionally destructive backgrounds, particularly as victims of trafficking and domestic violence, the AIRE Centre’s clients have shown exceptional fortitude in breaking the bonds that once held them in situations similar to servitude, and seeking legal redress. The AIRE Centre is privileged to have assisted these women in asserting their rights under European law, including before the European Court of Human Rights where we have seen great progress in protecting women from situations of violence. For example, in LR v UK, we have successfully prevented the return of a victim of trafficking, who reported her traffickers to the UK police, to Albania where she will be at a very real risk of reprisal from her traffickers, including the risk of being re-trafficked. In Osman v Denmark, we continue to act for a young woman who was trafficked to a refugee camp in Kenya by her father, for the purposes of forced labour. We have also successfully supported a number of victims of domestic violence in asserting their immigration rights and right to access social assistance and social security benefits,  enabling these women to gain independence from the perpetrators of the violence they suffered.

 On International Women’s Day, we acknowledge not only how far we have come, but also how much work there is still left to do; over the coming year, the AIRE Centre will continue to work hard to pursue the rights of women and to seek protection for the most vulnerable.

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