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19 December 2014

Immigrants, especially those most marginalised and vulnerable, have had a hard time in 2014.

Shifts in the political and economic climate of the UK have led to hostile immigration policies, budget tightening and negative media campaigns. Legislative changes and the reduced availability of legal aid further restrict access to justice for many and the run up to the 2015 election is likely to see efforts to introduce such measures increase.

To protect migrant's rights it is essential that the negative voices in the immigration debate are challenged. Throughout Britain's history migration has had an immensely positive impact on enriching our culture and diversifying our society.

The AIRE Centre is proud to stand together with the many other dedicated organisations, law firms, advice centres, chambers and individuals championing human rights, protecting migrant’s rights and ensuring access to justice, for all.

But there is still more work to be done. 

Approximately two million EU migrants in the UK will need our help in 2015.  

They might be survivors of domestic violence or homeless, discriminated against because they are Roma, kept in immigration detention or victims of human trafficking.

Help us continue our vital work in 2015. EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS! 




  • 'Punching above our weight' we responded to over 800 requests for advice, combatting injustice and enabling individuals, practitioners and decision-makers, at every level, to apply European law fairly and correctly. 
  • We were shortlisted for the Halsbury Legal Awards Law in the Community Award
  •  We launched our Interns Corner, highlighting the amazing young lawyers working tirelessly to ensure we can continue our work 
  • In March we welcomed the fantastic Shane Ryan from Working With Men as our Chair of Trustees.  
  • We were the proud recipient of the Champion Award from The Women on the Move Awards organization, honouring those who strive to empower migrant and refugee women.   


Thank you to everyone who has supported our work, not only in 2014, but in the more than 20 years The AIRE Centre has been combating injustice. 


Keep up to date on our work in 2015 by following us on Twitter @AIRECentre 

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