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Our Shared Responsibility: The Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights

11 May 2012

Today marks the beginning of a two-day conference in Brussels hosted by the Belgian Government and the Council of Europe, on the Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights, Our Shared Responsibility.

The conference will be an opportunity for Member States to discuss how best to ensure that judgements from the European Court of Human Rights are quickly and effectively put into practice. The aim is to come out with a political declaration that reaffirms Member States commitment to the Convention and the Convention system, along with an action plan on how to improve the execution of the Court’s judgements. 

Belgium, in its current role as Chair of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the body responsible for oversight of ECHR judgements, is hosting the conference and published a draft declaration earlier this year. Several governments, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs responded to the proposals and the final declaration will be launched at the event.


The AIRE Centre and 10 other NGOs agreed a joint statement responding to the Belgian declaration for a more effective implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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