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CALL FOR EVIDENCE: Operation Nexus

29 September 2015

If you are a lawyer, an individual, or an organisation working with EEA nationals who have been impacted by Operation Nexus - we would like to hear from you.

Operation Nexus is a joint initiative between the Home Office's Immigration Enforcement Directorate and several police forces, including the Metropolitan Police. It seeks to remove and / or deport from the United Kingdom foreign nationals whose deportation is said to be conducive to the public good. This includes, but is not limited to, people who have previous convictions either in the UK or in another country. 

With generous support from the Strategic Legal Fund, The AIRE Centre has launched a new project which seeks to clarify the lawfulness of Operation Nexus. 

We have published the following Call for Evidence in order to gather evidence around the implementation and impact of Operation Nexus, especially on individuals from Eastern and Central European countries. 

CALL FOR EVIDENCE on Operation Nexus


If you have any questions about this call for evidence or would like to further discuss our work on Operation Nexus please email Legal Project Manager, Audrey C. Mogan or give us a call. 


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