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Join us for the Great Legal Bake!

24 January 2016

Do you enjoy baking? Do you want to use your skills and help a local charity? Then take part in the Great Legal Bake and raise money for The AIRE centre!

The Great Legal Bake will take place across the week of Monday 1st February to 5th February with The AIRE Centre doing our bake on the 3rd February.

Get witty and think up your best human rights – themed cakes, such as a rye honey cake titled ‘Know Your Rye-ts’ 

Or if you're just into eating you can donate here

Roll up your sleeves and use your talent. Alone or in a team, make it savoury or sweet, large or small and sell it. Impress your friends, family or colleagues, raise vital funds and help us continuing offering free legal advice to vulnerable and marginalised people.

It’s fun, it’s creative and it’s for a good cause!

So, spread the word and don’t miss out – The AIRE Centre needs you! Follow how we're doing on twitter @AIRECentre & use the hastag #GreatLegalBake to share your yummy treats! 


Help support our bakers & provide vital funds for Access to Justice! 

If you would like to do a bake to raise money for The AIRE Centre, at home, at school or at work, please contact Katie and Danai at to sign up!

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