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Operation Nexus & the unlawful deportation of EU nationals

26 April 2016

Today The AIRE Centre launches its Crowd Justice charity appeal on Operation Nexus and we desperately need your help!

We are trying to raise £3000 in just 30 days in order to challenge the unlawful detention and deportation of EEA nationals living in the UK. If we don't make it to £3000 we don't get anything!


Operation Nexus is a collaboration between the police and the Home Office to try and deport more foreign nationals from the UK.

In most deportation cases individuals are deported based on proven conduct, usually demonstrated by the presence of a criminal conviction. However, in Nexus cases, the Home Office is provided with police intelligence regarding individuals who may only be suspected of some form of criminality, or who may have had a criminal conviction many years ago or in a some cases may not have been convicted of a criminal offence ever. This intelligence information is then presented to the immigration tribunal considering any deportation appeal, often without any external scrutiny or challenge.

This is about fairness and justice. Under the law, the UK Government and authorities cannot simply ignore the human rights of EU nationals.

This policy also breaks apart families.

It threatens the rule of law.

It undermines trust in the police.

It ignores the right to a fair trial.

Unfortunately because of changes brought on by the Criminal Courts and Justice Act, even a small charity like The AIRE Centre can face COST SANCTIONS. This is why we need your help!

From today, for the next 30 days, we are trying to raise £3000 to help us take on this case. You can DONATE HERE


Find out more about our investigation into Operation Nexus

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