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Changes at The AIRE Centre

15 November 2011

Demand for the AIRE Centre’s services continues to grow and grow, and in response to this our work has been expanding at an unprecedented rate. We now have eight funded staff posts and two consultants supported by a team of ten interns.  The Centre is constantly growing, evolving, and changing, and its organisational management has now become a key, and very demanding, job in its own right.  It is a role which we recognise now requires not only a very significant commitment of time, but also specific skills, expertise, and experience and is one which cannot be carried out effectively in conjunction with the responsibility for delivering the substantive legal work. 

The AIRE Centre’s Founder-Director, Nuala Mole, has therefore taken the decision (and the organisation has agreed) that she would like her role in the Centre’s work to change to that of senior legal consultant.  This will enable her ongoing contribution to the AIRE Centre to focus on the litigation, projects, reports, publications and dissemination of knowledge for which she is currently responsible, whilst ensuring that at the same time the organisational aspects of the AIRE Centre are directed and managed effectively - and to the highest professional standards - by someone else.

The AIRE Centre is therefore recruiting a person with the appropriate skills and experience who will take on the responsibility of managing all the organisational aspects of the Centre as of the spring of 2012.  If you think that you would like to join the AIRE Centre’s team, and have the management experience and the skills set needed to take on this key role, please view our recruitment page for details.

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