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Capacity Bulding of the Serbian Civil Sector to Fight Discrimination


Programme Objective: This project aims to empower civil society groups to combat discrimination against women, Roma, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and disabled persons. With funding from the European Commission, since January 2010 the AIRE Centre and its partner organization in Serbia, Center for Advanced Legal Studies (CUPS), have been training NGOs on how to make use of Serbian and European law in their anti-discrimination efforts.

Background: Discrimination remains widespread in Serbia against a number of groups.  This discrimination is perpetrated by both government entities and private citizens. As such, combating discrimination necessitates action on a number fronts — litigation, lobbying for government action and campaigns to change public opinion. Recent legislative changes and commitments in Serbia have provided a number of opportunities for work in this area: the recent passage of the Serbian law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, the new constitutional appeals available in the Constitutional Court, and the pledges Serbia has made regarding minority groups in its partnership agreement with the European Union. This project seeks to provide civil society actors with the law and advocacy related tools to make use of Serbian and European law to reduce incidences of discrimination in the country.