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EC Social Security Materials

Project Materials

Project Objectives and Activities

Culminating Conference (London, 7 Feb 2013)

Conference Agenda

SNCBs – An Overview of the EU Scheme

EU Law Issues of Claiming SNCBs in the UK & the Republic of Ireland

Universal Credit & Jobseekers in the UK

The Position of EU Jobseekers in the Republic of Ireland

Hendrix and Exporting SNCBs

3rd Round-table Materials (The Hague, 14 May 2012)

14 May_Agenda and 14 May_Participants and Project Update

SNCBs in the Netherlands

AIRE: UK and SNCBs and The UK Experience

FLAC: SNCBs and Ireland

SNCBs: Between Territoriality and Free Movement (Nicolas Rennuy)

Crossover Presentation (Yolan Koster)

2nd Round-table Materials (Dublin, 1st March 2012)

FLAC: Payments and Challenges in the Irish Welfare System

NASC: Migrants' Barriers to Social Welfare

ESRI: Immigrants' Welfare Receipt across the EU

ESRI: Study on Active Inclusion of Migrants

AIRE: Domestic Violence and Pregnancy

AIRE: Right to Reside Test

Dublin: Agenda

Dublin: Attendees

1st Round-table Materials (London, 19 January 2012)

Presentation by FLAC

Special Non-contributory Benefits: Delays and Remedies (CPAG)

Patmalniece and the Right to Reside Test

Victims of Domestic Violence and Special Non-contributory Benefits

Victims of Trafficking & Pregnant Women

General Resources

EU Migrants - Facts & Figures

Summary of Proposal COM(2010)794

Person or Number - NASC Report on issues faced by immigrants accessing social protection (February 2012)


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