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I am seeking advice for myself or someone I know


The AIRE Centre provides free specialist legal advice and other legal services (including making benefits applications or applications to the UK Border Agency, or making applications to the European Court of Human Rights) on European law issues.  Because our expertise is quite specialised, we provide most of our advice on a "second-tier" basis.  That means that other advice agencies or lawyers get in touch with us and we give them written advice that they can use to help their clients.  In some cases, however, we are able to provide advice to individuals directly.  This is particularly the case if:

  • you have a query concerning EU law on the free movement of persons (e.g. you are a migrant from another European Union Member State, or a family member of a citizen of another European Union Member State, and you have a question about your residence status or right to access benefits); or
  • you have a query about making an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

We can only provide written legal advice (which it usually takes us between two and four weeks to produce).  If you need urgent help, you may wish to contact another advice organisation that can provide you with help right away.  They can always get in touch with us themselves to get written legal advice in your case.

You can find your local Citizens Advice Bureau on the Advice Guide website.

For queries about UK immigration law generally, you can contact the Immigration Advisory Service.

If you want to get advice from us, or want to find out whether we can help, you can either email us or you can call us on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's, between 10:30am and 6pm on 020 7831 4276.  Note that we are unable to give out advice over the telephone, so when you call we will take down your query and then get back to you, usually by email.