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Invisible EU Migrants


The Invisible EU Migrants project, funded by the European Program for Integration and Migration, aims to encourage EU institutions to take action to secure the EU law rights of vulnerable and marginalized Union citizens.

 Our aim is to develop a Europe-wide policy approach to ensure that European institutions include issues affecting vulnerable and marginalized Union citizens in their policy responses. These include:

  • Access to social assistance and social security benefits
  • Entitlement to social housing
  • Residence documentation
  • Family reunification
  • Expulsion/deportation

 As lead partner, the AIRE Centre will be working in partnership with the Immigrant Council of Ireland (Ireland), the Association pour le Droit des Etrangers (Belgium) and the Migrant Resource Centre (United Kingdom). We also hope to build a wider network of NGOs and other interested parties to form a coordinated approach to issues affecting vulnerable and marginalized Union citizens across Europe. We would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved.

 Over the next three years, our work will include:

  • Strategic litigation
  • Training sessions for NGOs across Europe
  • A series of roundtable discussions in the UK, Ireland and Belgium
  • Online reports and toolkits for NGOs and other organisations


For all the upates on this project from AIRE and the partners, click on the below link to our project blog or search for @AIRECentre's tweets via #InvisibleEUMigrants on Twitter.


Invisible EU Migrants Blog


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