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Upholding Rights! Early Legal Intervention for Victims of Trafficking

This project is co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union.

Background to the Project:

This project is being led by the Immigrant Council of Ireland in partnership with The AIRE Centre, LSA (Legal Services Agency, Scotland), MONIKA (Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland), BGRF (Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Bulgaria), and KSPSC (Klaipeda Social and Psychological Service Centre, Lithuania).

This project focuses on legal intervention in relation to victims of trafficking (VoT). In particular, the project builds upon international consensus on the importance of a rights-based approach to the protection of VoT.

The central aim of the project is to establish best practice in securing the protection of VoT through early legal intervention (ELI). The aim of ELI is to enhance victims’ social recovery and their role as witnesses. In order to establish best practice the project will identify and analyse ELI for VoT in the partners’ Member States (MS).

The main intended outcome of the project is to impact on national and EU anti-trafficking responses in order to enhance the support and protection of VoT in relation to their role as witnesses as well as to improve civil society and state cooperation in upholding victims’ human rights.

The Project Itself:

The project will run for 24 months; during this period several activities will be undertaken:

  • Analysis of ELI practices in the participating MS will consider whether they are meeting their obligations in implementing Directive 2011/36/EU (Directive on preventing and combatting trafficking in human beings).
  • From research in participating MS the project aims to search for a model of best practice most fully complying with EU/international human rights standards.
  • Pilots in Bulgaria, Finland and Ireland will test the model for ELI within real parameters.
  • Training stemming from the research will be delivered to NGOs/state agencies in Europe.
  • 4 partner meetings will take place; each of these will feature training and meeting with policy makers.
  • Findings and recommendations will be disseminated to influence service provision and policy.
  • The creation of a European Network for Early Protection and Support of Victims of Human Trafficking will facilitate continued interaction. 




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